Third International Workshop on
Methods and Tools for Distributed Hybrid Systems
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 26 August 2019
Associated with CONCUR 2019

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DHS 2019 will take place in Amsterdam, the day before CONCUR, 26 August 2019.

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The purpose of DHS is to connect researchers working in real-time systems, hybrid systems, control theory, distributed computing, and concurrency theory, in order to advance the subject of distributed hybrid systems.

Distributed hybrid systems, or distributed cyber-physical systems, are abundant. Many of them are safety-critical, but ensuring their correct functioning is very difficult. We believe that new techniques are needed for the analysis and validation of DHS. More precisely, we believe that convergence and interaction of methods and tools from different areas of computer science, engineering, and mathematics is needed in order to advance the subject.

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The first DHS workshop was held in Aalborg, Denmark, in August 2017 and associated with MFCS. It featured invited talks by Alessandro Abate, Martin Fränzle, Kim G. Larsen, Martin Raussen, and Rafael Wisniewski. The second edition was held in Palaiseau, France, in July 2018, with invited talks by Luc Jaulin, Thao Dang, Lisbeth Fajstrup, Emmanuel Ledinot, and André Platzer.

This third edition of DHS will add distributed robotics as a special theme. This emerging field is concerned with the control of collaborative swarms of autonomous robots. Some of our invited speakers will treat this subject both from a theoretical and a practical perspective, and we hope to install a conversation which will outlast DHS 2019.

Invited Talks

Panel canceled


DHS 2019 is associated with the CONCUR conference, please refer to the CONCUR website for further information.


Registration to DHS 2019 is handled by CONCUR. Please head over to the CONCUR registration page and remember to tick the box labeled DHS. Note that early registration ends 1 August.

Program (tentative; click on the titles to see abstracts)

Monday 26 August
9:00 Majid Zamani Invited talk: Compositional synthesis of interconnected control systems
10:00 Break
10:30 M. Mazo Jr., G. Gleizer, G. Delimpaltadakis, P. Schaalwijk canceled
11:00 J. Kolčák, I. Hasuo, J. Dubut, S. Katsumata, D. Sprunger, A. Yamada Relational differential dynamic logic
11:30 Hervé de Forges Invited talk: Underwater robotics: past, present, and future
12:30 Lunch
13:30 E. Kamburjan, S. Mitsch, M. Kettenbach, R. Hähnle Hybrid active objects
14:00 H.-D. Tran, L. V. Nguyen, P. Musau, W. Xiang, T. T. Johnson Decentralized real-time safety verification for distributed cyber-physical systems
14:30 E. B. Abdelwahab Delayed hybrid systems
15:00 Break
15:30 E. Ardeshir-Larijani, A. Farhadi, F. Arbab, M. Izadi canceled
16:00 Xavier Urbain Invited talk: Swarms of mobile robots, towards safety with versatility
17:00 Panel Verification and synthesis for heterogeneous systems encompassing learned and learning components
17:45 DHS 2019 ends

Call for Short Contributions

We are calling for presentations of original, unfinished, already published, or otherwise interesting work which can highlight how the research topics of DHS may interact in order to advance the subject of distributed hybrid systems.

DHS 2019 will have no formal proceedings, but there will be a call for contributions to a special issue of a journal (under negotiation) after the workshop.

Please send your proposal (which may take the form of an abstract, a paper, slides, etc.) to by 28 June 2019.

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